Gia Carangi Bio, Age, Early Life, Career and Family

Gia Carangi Childhood

Gia Carangi is the world’s first supermodel to gain the multi-national recognition in the industry of fashion. She was born on January 29, 1960, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. Gia Born to the restaurant owner named as Joseph Carangi and a homemaker Kathleen Carangi. She was the youngest in her family. Gia’s parents had a violent and bad relationship and which affected her personality very much. Her mother left her family and leaving her even year old daughter bereft of motherly love.

Gia Carangi

The rough childhood of Gia Carangi made her an attention seeker. Gia described as manipulative and needy by many of her relatives. Some of them also said that Gia Carangi spoiled and also a moody little girl. She attended the Abraham Lincoln High School and fulfilled the lack of attention by making as many new friends as possible. She joined a fan club at her high school which dedicated to David Bowie who is the English singer and songwriter. The club called ‘the Bowie kids.’ And they used to emulate the weird high glam style of David Bowie.

Gia Carangi Career

Gia Carangi

She began her modeling career by posing for the local newspaper ads which in her hometown Philadelphia. A local photographer asked her for her pictures posing on the dance floor, and she agreed to him. The photographer worked for the Bloomingdales, a New York departmental store. After her little success, Gia set on to make a career in the modeling industry after moving to New York. She was just 17 years of age at that time when she signed by the fashion agency named as Wilhelmina Models.

Working with Wilhelmina models, Gia posed for the popular fashion photographer named as Chris von Wangenheim in October 1978. He had Gia Carangi pose nude while standing behind the chain-link fence. And this was the look that made her very famous. She very early became a well-established model just one year after moving to New York.

Gia became the favorite face for many of the top photographers in the fashion Industry. She became the favorite model of successful and popular photographers like Francesco Scavullo, Richard Avedon, Arthur Elgort, Denis Piel, Von Wangenheim, and Marco Glaviano. Gia built a very strong network very quickly. And featured on the cover of many popular fashion magazines. Gia Carangi became famous for her dark looks and moody attitude. She was the queen of fashion in the late 70s and also ruled through the early 80s until her sad death in 1986.

Gia Carangi Family

The father of the world’s first supermodel Gia Carangi was Joseph Carangi. He was an Italian but settled in America. Joseph Carangi was the owner of a small restaurant in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S. Gia’s parents had a violent relationship when Gia was born. Her parents had a violent marriage. Which tainted by the memories of her childhood. Gia lived with her father because her mother had left the family and she worked as a cashier at her dad’s restaurant after the school. Gia lived with her father until high school, and after that, she moved to New York to pursue a career in the field of modeling. The mother name of Gia Carangi’s was Kathleen Carangi who worked as a homemaker. Kathleen had a massive influence on the life of Gia.

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